Sunday 12 January 2020

Campaign report: Legacy of Dragonholt

I'm doing a different kind of campaign report today. Rather than talking about my home Pathfinder 2e or D&D 4e games, I wanted to start a report on my newly acquired Legacy of Dragonholt. This is basically Fabled Lands lite in a box - a purely narrative programmed RPG that you can play solo (I actually see few reasons to play it any other way).

Dragonholt is set in Terrinoth, the Runebound setting from boardgame Ubermensch and lay-off merchants Fantasy Flight Games. It's bog standard high fantasy, which is totally fine. Gimme them tropes.

The idea is that you create a character and run them through a campaign. The campaign itself consists of a fistful of books, including a sandbox location - Dragonholt village. Your actions have consequences and it uses a box check-off system like the codewords in Fabled Lands to track this. Unlike Fabled Lands, there are no dice. It's a purely skill bases system - having certain skills opens up new options in the narrative. This also means the game is light. Very light, which is my taste. You track stamina, fame, items and time.

So I wasted no time creating a half catfolk thief called Eldon. Characters are defined by their skills, backgrounds and personalities. Only skills have anything resembling a mechanical effect, the rest is fluff to help you roleplay. Fair enough, I tend to do this anyway when it comes to gamebooks. Eldon only trusts himself, he dislikes others because they ostracize him for the way he looks. He also wears a floppy hat. Anyway - to the campaign!

Oh, obviously spoilers ahead for the game.

To New Roads

Right, so apparently I've begun the campaign with a couple of travelling companions. I try to ignore the fact that Eldon doesn't do companions and rationalised it as he needs protection in the wilderness and if they die he can nick their stuff. There's an orc called Braxton and a gnome called Miriam. Unbeknownst to them, they're my meatshields. We're all travelling to Dragonholt village. I've specifically been summoned there from a old friend via an obviously coded letter (a nice feely you get in the box) and something about a murder. We're going through the Eventide Forest which is full of bandits apparently (Tony Braxton won't shut up about them). I chat with them both, building up a false friendship that one day I hope to exploit for cash, and find that the gnome is an alchemist looking to open up a shop. An entrepreneur! Braxton is her bodyguard of sorts.

We have to clamber over a load of felled logs which properly did my back in and when night drew in we decided to camp. Because I'm a cat I climbed a tree to see what I could see. Aha! The lights of Dragonholt in the distance. I also found a wooden badger or something. Some sicko's been hoarding wooden nonsense toys up this tree and gluing them onto the branches. Whatever, I'll take what I can get when I'm up a tree.

We take turns with watch duty (well, me and Braxton because Miriam is lazy as all hell). On my watch I hear bushes rustling. I decide to wake everyone up because obviously bandits are around here. And yes, it's bandits. A bunch of them. After a classic brawl where I stab a few and chuck one in the fire with glee, more show up so we high tail it. CHASE SCENE.

We manage to lose them due to my deft use of voice throwing and excellent senses. The others pretty much held me back (the gnome actually threw some alchemist vials around which I guess helped). We're all super worn out by this point, but what ho! Dragonholt. We have arrived. We go and meet Miriam's aunt who gives us a free breakfast, which I'm grateful for, but I'll probably find a way of burglarizing her at some point.

And there we have it. Session one of Dragonholt. What will happen next? Will Eldon be rid of these two laggards? Will he be chased out of town because he looks like a digitally malformed Cats extra? Find out next time on ELDON'S WILD CAT ADVENTURE!


  1. I think I have the rules to this. I should look it up more.

  2. I play this solo too. It's a pleasent way to relax.

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