Saturday 25 January 2020

My Tunnels and Trolls house rules

I just wanted to note down my house rules for T&T and thought you good folks might want to see them. You'll see that I've collected a mish mash of different editions (the D&D 5e of T&T, if you will).

  • Warrior gets double armour. Increase adds per level.
  • Level is based on highest primary stat. Ep spend increases a stat. 
  • Rogues don't have to become a warrior or wizard. They also start with one spell. They can learn spells up to level 7. 
  • Magic comes off Wiz
  • Speed increases adds
  • No minus adds. 
  • One Talent per level. Rogues gain Roguery automatically.
  • Missile combat: Archers have a choice: Make a Dex SR. On a hit the missile does direct damage to an enemy regardless of whether combat is won. Or, they can have the total add to the HPT if they're firing into a group. They needn't make a SR here, just roll as melee. No matter which option, for every 6 rolled they do a spite damage to an ally in melee. In the second option, for every 6 rolled, they also lose an arrow. 
  • Damage is allocated by the players if they lose (as long as it makes sense in context of the fight)

Art: Liz Danforth

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