Sunday 19 July 2020

Adventure site: The Chapel Perilous

With that he saw by him there stand a thirty great knights, more by a yard than any man that ever he had seen, and all those grinned and gnashed at Sir Launcelot. And when he saw their countenance he dreaded him sore, and so put his shield afore him, and took his sword ready in his hand ready unto battle.

The Chapel Perilous is a doomed place. Once a building of sanctity, dedicated to the healing god Nodens, a place where travellers could rest their weary legs, is now a corruption of stone. The witch Hellawes now resides here, cast out from Camelot for attempting a spell of lust on the knight Lancelot. In her exile she has grown cruel and all around her callous roots grow and brambles slither around wretched stone. She has made a deal with Arawn, the ruler of the underworld, that should he give her a retinue of warriors, she would bring him Knights of valour. True to his word, the monarch of the spirit realm gave Hellawes a group of warriors to aid her on her foul quest.

The Chapel also serves as a final resting place for Sir Gilbert the Bastard, entombed in the lower level with his sword and wrapped in a crimson shroud. Legend says that the sword and shroud can be used in tandem to heal the gravest of wounds.


1. The Chapel Yard

A grave site and haunting place of two spectres (see ghost for stats), sisters who died after deserting their post when battle went sour. Two shields hang from a withered tree. Cutting a shield down reduces the HP of a spectre by half.

2. Chapel entrance

Within the entrance hall are two lit braziers, emitting an eerie green glow. Three Warriors of Arawn stand guard here, their eyes hollow and their tongues blackened. They are mindless for the most part and will attack intruders.

Warrior of Arawn
HD 5 (15)
HP 22
AP 6
Attack: Mace (melee)
Damage: d8+5
Special: Bladed weapons do half damage to a Warrior of Arawn.

- Wytchfire Braziers: When a Warrior of Arawn hold their mace over a Wytchfire brazier, the mace becomes a Wytchfire Mace. The next time the mace deals damage, the Warrior regains that much AP. After this, the mace becomes mundane again.

- Font of Blessings: A stone font containing corrupted water. Usually this would be used to heal, but touching the water does 1d3 damage, burning the hand.

3. Sanctuary

Lined with stone pews long lost to the grasping vines of the wood. Hellawes often waits at the altar for her prey, sensing their arrival and preparing herself. Stone columns hold up the cracked ceiling etched with tales of those who the chapel has healed. Two more Warriors of Arawn guard their mistress. Two Wytchfire Braziers burn close to the alter.

Hellawes will attempt to seduce her opponent, usually going for the strongest-looking in the party or a caster.

HD 7 (17)
HP 29
AP 7
Attack: Dagger (melee + ranged)
Damage: d8+7
Spells prepared: Restrain as if with Invisible Rope, Imbue with a Miraculous Enchantment, Conjure Fire from the Air
Special: Twice per day as an action Hellawes can attempt a magical seduction on one target she can see. The opponent must make a Mind save or be unable to harm Hellawes for 10 minutes.

4. Tomb of the Bastard

A door near the altar (locked - tough difficulty) leads down into the cold tomb. There are several coffins nested into the walls. At the end is a sarcophagus, the lid carved into the likeness of a praying knight. Herein lies Sir Gilbert with his shroud and sword. From the coffins crawl two Leanashes who speak of hungering for new flesh.

Sir Gilbert's Sword
Damage: d8 (d10 against undead)
Special: When placed on the skin of the wounded with Sir Gilbert's Shroud, the wounded person heals 2d8 HP. This can be used once per day.

Sir Gilbert's Shroud
Special: When placed on the skin of the wounded with Sir Gilbert's Sword, the wounded person heals 2d8 HP. This can be used once per day.


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