Sunday, 26 July 2020

English Eerie 2nd edition coming soon

I'm releasing a brand new edition of English Eerie, my narrative game of rural horror set in the English countryside. Patrons can download it right now.

English Eerie allows you to create your very own tales of terror based on English folklore and the horror writings of writers like Algernon Blackwood, M.R James and Arthur Machen. The Eerie Engine powers the system, using story element cards and scenario prompts to create a narrative. Whenever a Grey Lady is drawn the tension rises. The higher the tension, the more goes wrong for the protagonist. Simple resource management gives some strategy to the game, deciding how to spend your Resolve, knowing that the ending is determined by your resources.

The new edition is expanded and tweaked from the first, with a shared focus on both solo and group play. Not only are there more scenarios, there is a section on creating your own. Plus, the game is being released under a creative commons license meaning anyone can make English Eerie games and scenarios.

There will be a pdf and print edition, along with a special English Eerie Story Deck that will be available from DrivethruRPG.

Look out for further details in the near future.