Thursday, 23 July 2020

The Black Knights of Castle Cart

In Romance of the Perilous Land there isn't just a single Black Knight - there's a host of them, all serving Queen Eleanor of Eastland. These are the elite of the elite - Knights that can best most of Arthur's lot.

The Black Knights are unnatural beings. They don't need sleep, nor food or water. There are many stories of where the Black Knights came from. Some say they are beings of the Otherworld, warriors of the Unseelie Court. Others believe they are undead - an army of revenants somehow bound by Eleanor.

The truth is much worse. Taken as children, Black Knights are subject to magic that rids them of their earthly needs - hunger, fatigue, love. They must undertake a strict, gruelling training regime. Only 10% of trainees survive. They are torment incarnate - their personalities and future destroyed. Now they are shells that exist for war and to serve their queen.

Black Knight
HD 9 (19)
HP 40
AP 11
Attacks: Longsword/Longsword
Damage: d10+9/ d10+9
Special: The Black Knight regenerates d6 HP per round as long as it has over half its initial HP left.