Sunday 11 April 2021

10 quest hooks for Romance of the Perilous Land

 1. A local artist has created a sculpture garden and is being praise for their lifelike sculptures. Problem is that people in a nearby village are disappearing and the sculptures look awfully like them. Turns out the artist has trained a cockatrice from birth and is using it to create their 'sculptures'

2. A beggar has come upon a hoard of gnome treasure and has quickly become Camelot's latest wealthy noble. Problem is the gnomes of the unseelie court are out to get their treasure back, wherever it's been spent, with brutal results.

3. An Escosian local is selling pech potions on the black market. But when the customers begin transforming into rampaging behemoths, people start dying.

4. A group of Knights accompanying a diplomat to Ascalon when they're attacked in the forest by spriggans serving Morgan Le Fay. The diplomat wakes up underground, lost, being hunted by a group of duergar

5. A small group of shaggy haired people have opened up an inn. Turns out they're bugganes who take on their monster form at night to dine on customers.

6. A couple whose child went missing two years ago get a knock at the door. It's their child, but now a fully grown adult. They've been stuck in the fairy otherworld and have been sent back to kidnap other children to serve the unseelie court.

7. The King of Cats visits a village and gives an omen that a giant knucker is going to destroy the village in a month. The knucker needs to be found and destroyed before it can wreak havoc

8. A Knight of the Round Table attempts to assassinate Arthur. While they're waiting to be executed, it turns out an enchanter of the Black Lance is taking control of Knights with gifts they're recieving from a 'secret admirer'

9. The Boar tribe of the Algaard mountains have contracted a strange disease. They blame a rival tribe, but when they start becoming werewolves they have bigger problems - as do the mountain villages

10. A warlord is raiding villages, despite having being killed a month ago. The Burning Chapter have raised them as a revenant to cause a distraction while they infiltrate the palace to slay King Meliodas

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