Friday 16 April 2021

Chapalu for Romance of the Perilous Land

 Chapalu are similar to mountain cats, but are the size of bears and their hind quarters resemble fish fins. They're sleek and as ferocious as they come, leaping great distances and clamping their jaws around the jugulars of the unfortunate souls who come across the beasts. Most are solitary creatures, defending their territory with a vicious blood thirst, though it's been known for several chapalu to hunt together. Their coat is as black as coal, shimmering all the colours of the rainbow in moonlight.


HD 5 (15)

HP 22

AP 5

Attack: Bite (melee)

Damage: d6+5

No. Appearing: 1-3


- Pounce: The chapalu may move twice in a single move action.

- Climber: The chapalu isn't affected by difficult terrain.

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