Saturday 10 April 2021

Bullbeggar for Romance of the Perilous Land

 Folklore is full of spirits and creatures whose existence is based on tricking lonely wanderers and frightening the hell out of children. 

The bullbeggar appears as an injured traveller by the side of the road. When a good Samaritan goes over to help the creature reveals its true form, growing to three times the size, its face contorting into a skull. Sometimes it will stalk travellers for hours invisibly before revealing itself with the intention of frightening its quarry to death. 


HD 7 (17)

HP 31

AP 7

Attack: Barge (melee) or Scream (special)

Damage: d8+7 (barge)


Scream: Once per encounter a bullbeggar can let out a terrifying scream. Anyone within earshot must make a Mind save. If they fail, they drop whatever they're carrying and become restrained for 3 rounds.

Transform: As an action the bullbeggar can transform into the form of an injured human traveller. While in human form it can use an action to turn into its bullbeggar form.

Invisibility: As two actions the bullbeggar can become invisible. 

Stalk: The bullbeggar gets an edge on checks to move stealthily.

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