Tuesday 15 June 2021

Atlaclara: Sword of Constantine

Type: Longsword

Damage: 1d10+1

Special: While atlaclara is drawn, the wielder's speed increases by 5ft. Gains an additional d8 damage against giants.

Atlaclara was the legendary sword of the first king of Camelot, Constantine, forged from meteoric iron. Known as Giants' Bane, the blade was used in the fight against the cruel giant Malduit after the beast invaded Hill Castle and began a campaign of terror over the nearby villages. Constantine's young advisor, Merlin, told the king of a forge crafted by the fairies known as Glimmerforge. If Constantine offered the fairy smith a single hair from his head, a sword would be crafted that could help slay the giant.

And so Constantine commissioned the crafting of Atlaclara at the Glimmerforge with a single payment of hair. While this won him the battle, the fairy was treacherous and used his hair to forge a new blade - Kingslayer. This dark sword would go on to wound Constantine, causing the grave illness that would end his life and reign.

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