Friday 18 June 2021

Have I thrown the baby out with the bathwater?

Nearly a week ago I said that I was done with T&T, the game I love. I didn't expect it to cause the stir that it did. A tonne of people came out in support of my decision, which was nice to see. Of course others declared me "trash" and performativity woke (people who have never spoken to me before).  

Since then I've spoken to T&T creators over email and via DM and I've had more time to think. Do I think I was wrong to be angry with what Ken said? No, not at all. He has since apologised on Twitter, which I'm glad to see. Ken has always been a polemicist, seemingly taking the opposing position just for the sake of it. I've ignored this for a long time, but his thoughtless around the subject of anti-racism was awful.

But the last thing I want to do is punish everyone else who creates T&T. I also recognise that Ken has apologised and I want to say again that I don't think Ken is racist - he's just boneheaded.

Will I put my T&T adventures and supplements back up on sale? Not sure, maybe. I genuinely love it - I'm passionate about it and I'm under no illusion that I have Ken and every other creator to thank for that. 

Is it better to leave the game or use it to forge a new path? 

I'm leaning towards the latter.

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