Tuesday 22 June 2021

May your oaths be unbroken: Gods of the Perilous Land

The Perilous Land is overseen by a pantheon of major deities, all outlined in the core rules. Currently I'm working on a new supplement called Gods of the Perilous Land, which goes into detail about these gods and goddesses, but also includes minor deities (demigods), Sacred Items, shrines, chapels and temples and new Oath Talents. 

The new guide is designed to bring daily belief to the forefront of the game, offering new abilities based on your patron god. These Oath Talents can be taken whenever a regular Talent could be acquired, giving your character a tangible connection to their deity.

The Oath Talents you can choose depend on your class, with different Aspects of each god bestowing divine gifts to different classes. For instance, Gofannon may gift an Oath Talent to a knight that blesses their weapon, while the same god will give a thief a set of divine lock picks. The more a character devoted themselves to their patron deity, the more abilities they unlock. 

Temples, shrines and chapels allow PCs to gain Blessings based on their patron. A Blessing from Epona may increase your travel speed, for instance. 

Finally demigods are introduced in this supplement, the mortals born of the gods themselves. Each demigod has their own domain, like Arawn, King of the Underworld and Gwydion the legendary trickster. These might be quest givers or antagonists in an ongoing campaign.

Look out for further announcements and details.

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