Saturday 18 September 2021

Zealots of the Black Stone

 The Kingdom of Corbenic is in a bad place right now. The wounded Fisher King sits decaying on his throne while his once glorious land falls into chaos. If you've ever wanted to do Arthurian post apocalypse, this is the place to set it.

The Zealots of the Black Stone are a religious sect from the farmlands, led by High Priestess Ruana. They believe that an obsidian menhir, the Black Stone, holds the key to moving Corbenic to a new golden age. The Zealots are less inclined towards going back to the way things were, but instead ushering in an age where Corbenic is ruled by the cryptic teachings of the stone. Ruana has nightly prayers by the stone and each dawn reveals a new proclamation the stone has made, from where they should plant new crops to who their next sacrifice should be. And that's human sacrifice - ragged villagers being ripped from their beds and murdered on the menhir, the blood channeling into the stone's etchings. 

In actuality the stone doesn't speak. It was erected by the giants in their time as a marker point, its cryptic etchings revealing the names of the giants who lived in the area at the time (those who speak giant and make a tough history check can figure this out). Ruana served as chaplain to the Fisher King and believes that he has been cursed by the gods and forsaken. 

Her group is likely to take up arms against anyone who attempts to disprove the rock's sentience. Ruana herself is a cunning woman who specialises in scrying. 

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