Sunday 19 September 2021

Blood Gorge Marauders for Romance of the Perilous Land

Blood Gorge is the colloquial name given to the twenty mile long rocky valley that carves through the north of the kingdom of Gore. Some stories say the gorge was carved by Gogmagog himself during the Galesh uprising, where the giant was said to have scooped up the land and thrown it at an oncoming horde of giants. Others tell of a great worm having snaked through the land creating the gorge itself. Aside from frequent rock slides, travellers must be aware of the marauders that make the gorge their home. Clad in the skins of wolves and mantles of gore-soaked ram's horns, this barbarian clan is no friend of travellers, rushing down from the rocks to slay their prey with their mighty blades. Villagers in the area call them the Horned Wind, as like a deadly wind they show no mercy in tearing homes apart in their sweeping raids. 

Their current leader is Galia the She-Beast, a seven-foot behemoth of a woman whose horns are far larger than her followers'. She's known for ripping out still-beating hearts and devouring them. Some say she is the spawn of giants and humans, while others believe she is the embodiment of nature's wrath. 

If you want to use the Blood Gorge Mauraders in your game, have the heroes come across their savage destruction before they meet the barbarians themselves. Villagers all have different tales to tell, of Galia's cat's eyes to the stench the marauders bring, like rotting meat. Perhaps the Black Lance are trying to strike a bargain with the mauraders to join their ranks. 

Blood Gorge Maurader, HD5(15), HP22, AP5, Atk Sword (d8+5), Special: Unaffected by difficult rocky terrain.

Galia, the She-Beast, HD7(17), HP30, AP7, Atk Sword (d10+7), Special: As an action Galia can use her intimidating glare at anyone within 50ft. The target must make a Cha save or become paralysed until the end of their next turn.

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