Sunday 26 September 2021

Witch bottle for Romance of the Perilous Land

 Witch bottles are pretty gross, but an effective apotropaic means of warding off witches and malicious spells. A witch bottle is a glass bottle filled with iron nails, human hair and nail clippings. Importantly the latter two must be from the one who needs protecting from magic. 

The witch bottle can only be prepared by a cunning folk, who must take 10 minutes to prepare the object and make a regular magic knowledge check. If successful, the witch bottle is imbued with the requisite powers and the cunning folk can't make another for a day. The power of the witch bottle is fleeting and lasts a day, after which the magic evaporates. If the check is unsuccessful it can't be attempted for another day. 

Someone with a witch bottle on their person gets an edge on saves against spells by witches, hags or crones. Attacks from witches, hags or crones take a setback against the owner of the bottle. 

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