Sunday 4 December 2022

Fairy Markets

 It's never many people's desire to come across a fairy market. Some plains and valleys are known for driving people 'pixie-led', happening across a glimpse of the otherworld and the uncanny fear this experience brings with it. 

Wanderers often hear the sweet music of the fairies (or fair folk, including pixies) and feel bound to follow this beguiling melody. In Romance of the Perilous Land this would require a Mind save based on the level/HD of the fairy musician. In a BX game it would be a save versus spells. If they have the knowledge to turn their coat inside out then gain an edge on the roll (or in BX, +2). Turning out your pockets if you have no jacket works too. Using a pixie pole as a walking stick completely negates the need for a save. 

Failure results in the wanderer heading towards the music's source, through a cloud of rolling fog. Here they happen upon the fairy market. Smells, sights and sounds are heightened. Fairies, pixies, hobs and all manner of otherworldly beings browse stalls of weird materials, clothes, trinkets, garlands and food. Fairies, even the seelie ones, are stick tricksters and will rarely give a human a fair sell. Most of the time the object purchased will turn into a couple of snails webbed together. Unseelie fairies may sell the interloper something malevolent, like a cursed goblet that will never be filled or a necklace that attracts adders.

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