Monday 5 December 2022

Krampus for BX and RoTPL

Merry Krampusnacht! Tonight's the night the Krampus comes to your houses and thrashes your children with sticks before dragging them to hell. He's my favourite.

Anyway, here he is for BX and then Romance of the Perilous Land.

Krampus, HD9, AC3, HP40, Att claw (1d6)/stick thrashing (2d6), MV 120' (40'), SV D8 W7 P11 B10 S11 AL Chaotic, XP2300

- Cleric Resistance: +4 to saving throws against spells cast by clerics.

- Fearful Aura: Anyone Lawful or Neutral coming within 10' of Krampus must save Vs spells. If they fail, they must flee for d6+4 rounds, with a 30% chance of dropping whatever they're carrying.

- Spell Immunity: Unaffected by sleep and charm spells.

Krampus, HD8 (18), AP8, HP32, Att claw/stick thrashing (d10+8/d10+8), SP18

- Unaffected by Cause the Alert to Slumber and Subdue the Wicked spells.

 - Fearful Aura: Anyone who ends their turn within 10' of the Krampus must make a Mind save or flee at full speed for 3 rounds. They have a 30% of dropping whatever they're holding.

- May cast Restrain as if with Invisible Rope. 


  1. This is great stuff! I would love to see you publish a supplement for Perilous Lands. In it, you could also include the errata for the hard cover book and all this great stuff from here!

    1. Thanks Tim. I've done a couple of supplements and adventures that can be found on the Trollish Delver Itch page, but I'd also like to put a new little bestiary together.