Wednesday 14 December 2022

The Lake Maidens of Camelot for Romance of the Perilous Land

 The Gwragedd Annwn (Ga-reth An-oon), also called Lake Maidens in the common tongue of the eleven kingdoms are radiant fairies who dwell in large lakes, emerging to ensnare mortals with their beauty. The Lady of the Lake Nimue herself is one of these creatures, though a friend to Arthur and Merlin. 

Lake Maidens dwell in great submerged fairy cities in apparently bottomless lakes. When called to the Wild Hunt, they ride their fairy hounds to aid Herne in dragging souls to Annwn. Some even bear children with mortals, giving birth to fey-touched whose skin glistens unnaturally in the sun and moonlight. 

Lake Maidens are able to take the form of adult humans as well as their diminutive fairy aspect. 

HD2 (12), HP 9, AP 2, Att Dagger (d6+2) and Lure, SP12, Spells: Conjure Water from Air, Dazzle with Glittering Lights x2, Change the Mundane into Treasure X2, Sense the Presence of Magic X2, Good Luck Charm. 

- Lure: As a ranged attack of 60ft, the lake maiden  entrances a target. They must succeed a Charisma save or use their next turn to move towards the creature, taking no other action.

- Waterborne: Swim speed of 50ft

- Unnatural sight: Can see in darkness as if in light.

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