Monday 10 April 2023

GORGON ROT brings heavy metal roleplaying to your table


I'm running my first Itchfunder! I've just released GORGON ROT, a new wave of old school fantasy RPG influenced by Fighting Fantasy and heavy metal. It's all packaged as a CD booklet, so I'm raising money for a print run. It features:

  • A simple 2d6 mechanic fans of old, yellowed gamebooks will be familiar with
  • A push-your-luck system: your Luck score gives you great power, but depletes as you use it, so use it wisely!
  • Designed for grid combat and hexcrawling
  • Find the secret apocalyptic spell!
  • Perfect for pulling out at the pub before a gig

This 12-page booklet contains everything you need to play, including a bestiary and pregen characters. You even get a bonus flyer called Foul Sorcery, which deals with necromancy.

You should go buy it 

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