Friday 14 April 2023

Scratching the Itch: New RPG Hotness 14/4/23

 It's time for another slab of sizzling new stuff that caught my eye on Itch this week.

Throne of Avarice

by SoulMuppet Publishing

Aright, full disclosure that Brian Yaksha is an online chum of mine and a Very Good Game Designer. I've had my eye on SoulMuppet's Throne of Avarice when Zach was throwing out some development bits on Twitter and it looks super sweet. Created for Best Left Buried, this is what the blurb says:

THRONE OF AVARICE is a setting book and procedural generation toolbox for adventuring in the fantasy horror game Best Left Buried. The tools and tables within present Doomsayers with the means to generate the citizens, victims, regions, and reprehensible rulers of the Grand Duchy of Calmyn - a nation struggling to reclaim its dominion over the known world.

It's, like, full of factions and the bizarre shit that Yaksha is known for. 

Casket of Fays #9
by Red Ruin Publishing

This was quite a nice little surprise, not least because I had totally forgotten there was a zine for Dragon Warriors. But there is, and it just came out. The latest fanzine for the British RPG stalwart looks like a chocolate box of DW thingies that sort of speak directly to my heart ventricles. Fairy knight? Check. Some sort of gibbet? Double check. Venom and bites! Ok, I'm less excited about that, but I'm sure the content is good. 

Heads Frozen in Vaults Enduring
by Exeunt Press

This one caught my eye because it's inspired by urban legends about celebrities getting their heads frozen. This is a one-shot heist for CY_BORG in the shape of an a4 pamphlet. Here's what the gubbins says:

Escort a live streamer into the G0 wasteland in search of an underground cryovault! More action means more viewers, and viewers are creds. So remember to smile for the cameras while the nanophreaks shred your face!

It comes with a free frozen head generator, which is a great deal in such price-conscious times. 

A Shrine for Something Forgotten
by Junk Food Games

This is a solo journaling game about collecting little bits and bats and creating a shrine out of them. A lovely clean concept created for the Tiny Keepsake Jam. 

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