Tuesday 7 April 2009

Monday night Labyrinth Lord

So I, along with my good friend Steve, went into the city last night to play some Labyrinth Lord. Yeah, most people our age usually go out clubbing at night and get paralyzed with alcohol, but I find that gaming costs less and is much more fun.

The unfortunate part was that the room was pretty full when we arrived (early, may I add) and there was only one small circular table for us to use. I was hoping that people would come and sniff around the table and ask to join in, but as we were squished in with two chairs around the table, it wouldn't have been feasible to play with more than one player.

We played through the module, a really short adventure, and I scaled it way down and added a cleric NPC for good measure. Hilariously Steve's Dwarf, Bill, died in the first corridor, hacked up by the swinging blades that the cleric, Gorat, easily dodged. As we'd been there for only half an hour I decided to bring him back with 1hp and had Gorat cast Cure Light Wounds on him, bringing him up to 5 (he had a max of 8).

There was an encounter with a bunch of skeletons after that. Gorat was fairing great against them for a while, wildly swinging his mace, but he eventually got caught off guard and suffered massive damage, collapsing in a heap. Bill wasn't too happy about this, but he fought on a defeated them.

Further on there was an empty room that he decided to search. Unfortunately he failed to see the trap door on the ceiling until he was directly underneath it and a big rock was coming at his face. Splat!

He was close to the final encounter so I allowed Bill 2 to appear and take all of Bill's stuff. Anyway, he fought the final ghoul and killed him.

It was short, fun game with character. I'll be teaching him Tunnels and Trolls the next time I see him, so stay tuned for Monday nigh T&T.

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  1. Can I get a copy of that adventure?