Thursday 23 April 2009

Play-by-post T&T game part I

Vin's T&T Trollbridge is a smörgåsbord of ideas, new rules and edition discussion. There is also a fairly new play-by-post game started up that I decided to take part in. I made my first post today and I'm looking forward to getting into it. The member who created it, Ragnorakk, is a great GM and it's good of him to take on such a mammoth task for everyone's entertainment.

The character I'm using is a dwarf warrior called Cobble Ripfoot. His stats are here:

NAME: Cobble Ripfoot
Level 1 Male Dwarf Warrior

Height: 4'6", Weight: 196 lbs.

ST: 22
IQ: 7
LK: 9
CON: 16
DEX: 6
CHR: 8
SPD: 14

Adds: 7, Missile Adds: 4

Weapons: Mitre 3d6 (90lbs)
Armour: Leather 6 (200lbs)


Ordinary torch (10lbs)
hemp rope (50ft) (250lbs)
delver's package (20lbs)
2 days provisions (40lbs)

Wt. Possible: 2200, Wt. Carried: 700.0
Dwarvish (native language)

Gold: 25 gp

A curious fellow with a terrible sense of humor. Seriously, don't even try to joke around him, he won't get it and he'll just start growling. His thick red plaited beard sometimes gets in the way when he's trying to move quickly and it's a surprise that he can see through those thick eyebrows of his. However, he's as hard as a rock and courageous to boot.

I will be reporting the game as it progresses, mainly for my own amusement but I hope it might give those less familiar with the game a better idea of how it plays.

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  1. So the game have taken off on the Bridge now? I should probably visit more often...