Monday 27 April 2009

The results are in: T&T makes top 10 RPGs

The results of the RPG Blog II favourite RPG survey are in and the big question is where did Tunnels and Trolls rank?

Well, it finished in 8th place out of 25, fending off titles such as Vampire, D&D 4e and Pendragon. I'm really pleased that the fans voted to give T&T the recognition it well deserves.

Check out the whole list here to see where your favourite ranked.


  1. You make me proud with the phrase "...fending off titles such as... ." Very nicely put.

  2. @Tom K. Thanks. We should all take pride in T&T and I hope people have noticed it high on the list and try it out.

  3. I think the late push by members of Trollhalla is what allowed us to finish so high. And if all editions of Dungeons and Dragons were counted as the same game, then T & T is really number 6. That's not too shoddy, and I'm very pleased. Somebody ought to tell Rick Loomis.