Friday 24 April 2009

A sword and an apology

I hold my hands up, Tom K. He quite rightly called me up on my use of "classes" and "magic users" in my Brooding Trollpunk post. I had been perusing Labyrinth Lord, D&D and other such RPGs before I wrote that, so I had become somewhat deluded and prone to spouting gibberish. What I meant to say instead of classes was "character types", and instead of magic users, "wizards", for these are T&T's variations on those terms. So, I'm sorry my T&T friends, I truly am.

After being so epically humble, I now want to present you with a new sword. Lately I've been researching tonnes of different types of swords from different eras and geographical locations (we all know how much T&T likes to use some weird and wonderful blades). I'll be posting one up every week so watch out for them.

Schiavona - The Enslaver

A type of broadsword with a wider blade than the common civilian rapier and measuring 93cm in length. It has a unique leaf-shaped brass basket hilt to guard the user's hand (in style, might I add) and a pommel that resembles the head of a cat.

Dice + adds: 3+5
Str req.: 15
Dex req.: 11
Cost: 80
Weight: 120

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