Saturday 30 October 2010

Fighting Fantasy Newspunch

Welcome to the first Fighting Fantasy Newspunch, where I talk about the latest goings on in the Fighting Fantasy universe.

New House of Hell Video log

House of Hell, the only modern horror Fighting Fantasy book, is being translated into an ambitious film project that looks like it's going to be pretty special. Superteam are guiding us all the way with their video logs, showing us the new studio, the crew and giving us some insight into what this venture will look like when it's released. Take a look!

Creature of Havoc released on iTunes

Creature of Havoc is definately one of the most bizarre of the gamebooks that sees you take on the role of a beast who has lost its memory and must uncover clues to its past life. Now you can play this excellent adventure on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

Features include;

• New! Player Achievements

• Universal app iPad support

• Scrolling image gallery of unlocked in-game art

• Tap the on screen buttons to flip pages (No papercuts!)

• Shake to roll the 3D dice using the accelerometer (or tap through with ease)

• Inventory items selectable via touch-screen

• Game-save feature allows you to retrace your steps

• Includes both original illustrations by Ian McCaig and digitally re-mastered versions

• Integrated iPod music library access

Talisman of Death is coming to PSN

Coming soon to the Playstation Network is the first in the line of 'minis', which is based on Talisman of Death (one of my personal favourite books).

To keep both existing fans and newcomers happy with their treatment of the license, Laughing Jackal have included ‘Classic’ and ‘New’ game modes. The ‘Classic’ game mode very closely emulates the format of the original books, while the ‘New’ mode adds a range of all-new features to really capitalise on the console medium, providing greater visual excitement and giving power to the player, rather than to arbitrary ‘virtual dice rolls’ which the player can’t influence.

Exciting features in the first PSN minis Fighting Fantasy title include:

· ‘Classic’ mode – experience Fighting Fantasy in its original format, with classic dice-rolling combat.
· ‘New’ game mode – featuring additional game features exciting combat and brand new SKILL tests.
· Brand new character creation system, combining the best of the old with all-new presentation.
· Character Biographies – learn more about the people and creatures encountered on your adventure.
· Item Biographies – gain insight into the uses and pitfalls of the various items you’ll find.
· Page Biographies – Keep track of which areas of the book you’ve visited, and exactly what you did there.

New Amateur Adventures

Check out the official Fighting Fantasy website to play October's amateur adventures for free.

October's adventures:

The Curse of Blackwood Manor by Craig Dutton
Gamor's Tremble by Theophilus
Hellfire by Philip Sadler
Forest of Dreams by Nathan Page

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