Sunday 17 October 2010

Frostwalker Giant [Blashyrkh]

In the harsh world of Blashyrkh there are few creatures that can match up to the supreme might of the Frostwalker Giants. Created by the Wintergods, these hulking beasts live in mammoth caverns underground, occasionally surfacing to disrupt a trade route by eating whoever is passing. These giants clad themselves in Thunderbeast fur, which they hunt on the barren fields of Krakish, using huge spears wittled from an entire tree trunk. Every now and again, when they are very hungry, Frostwalkers will attack neighbouring settlements, so many towns such as Snowhaven and Gaunt have erected great walls to keep the massive monsters away.

Frostwalker Giant

MR 480 (49d6 + 240)
Special damage: 15 spite/ Hurl - the Frostwalker picks up the closest attacking target and throws them into anything hard (i.e. a cave wall). That target cannot take an action in the next round of combat and must make a L7SR- CON or be out of action for 3 further rounds.
Armour: Tough Hide - 10

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