Saturday 30 October 2010

Halloween Spooktacular: Risus Slasher Flick with Mythic

Like many of you, I ran a Halloween themed game this week to get everyone in the mood for the most delicious of holidays. This week just happened to be our 'new game week' where we try out a new rpg every last Thursday of the month. I really couldn't be bothered to teach new rules to the group, so I decided to introduce them to the ultra rules-lite Risus. I was also too busy to write up an adventure, but I had two ideas in my head that I'd been playing around with for a couple of days. The first put the players in the shoes of classic monsters, like the wolfman etc. Their task was to get as much candy as possible, but they would have ended up being arrested and I envisioned them eventually appearing on a daytime talk show. The other idea was the one I eventually went with: a teen slasher flick.

Since I didn't have the time to write anything, I took a few ideas and used the Mythic GME to carry the story along. I thought this could either turn out really well or fail miserably. Fortunately we had a blast, even if we didn't get to finish it. My group aren't big roleplayers, so this was a great vehicle to get them roleplaying more, as Risus is very rules-lite and there was little conflict. The Mythic GME made things unpredictable and often had hilarious consequences, as well as some moments that genuinely terrified the players (serial killer walking around the school with a machete will do that).

I definitaly recommend using Mythic and Risus together. The lack of strict rules allows for some great freeform roleplaying and helps keep the flow of the game. Mythic tends to also work well with T&T and Barbarians of Lemuria if you're wanting some fantasy goodness.

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  1. Risus and Mythic GME: two great tastes that taste great together.