Sunday 31 October 2010

Tunnels and Trolls: Minstrel

Sometimes all it takes is some sweet music to keep the most ferocious of beasts at bay. The Minstrel, equipped with his or her intrument, aids the party with songs of valour and might, whilst striking fear into the hearts of their enemies with forboding melodies. Minstrels tend to have long hair and wear leather jackets, often with patches sewn on depicting their favourite minstrels. Sometimes they form bands and tour the world for fame and fortune.

A Minstrel can purchase the following instruments:

Bagpipe (10 gold)
Cornamuse (20 gold)
Crumhorn (10 gold)
Harp, Poor (10 gold)
Harp, Good (20 gold)
Harp, Immaculate (30 gold)
Lute (10 gold)
Flute (20 gold)

Each intrument has a level that reflects its cost. A 10 gold instrument is level 1, 20 gold is level 2, 30 gold is level 3 etc. Instruments can only cast spells of their level or below. Instrument levels have the same attribute requirements as spell levels, so you must have the correct attributes to cast instrument spells.

Song of Battery (Level 1)
"Smashing through the boundaries
Lunacy has found me
Cannot stop the battery"

Wiz: 3
Effect: You sing a song to inspire your friends in combat. +2d6 combat adds to the party's HPT
Power-up? Yes. Double combat add dice

Melody of Death in Fire (Level 1)
"Total war is here
Face it without fear
Age of sword, age of spear
Fight for honor, glory, death in fire"

Wiz: 3
Effect: You play a viking-like melody that imbues your allies' weapons with magical fire for one combat round. If your allies win the round, all enemies hit must make a L2SR on CON or extra damage equal to your INT.
Power-up? Yes - add a level for the saving roll.

Tune of Fear of the Dark (Level 2)
"Have you ever been alone at night,
Thought you heard footsteps behind,
Turned around and no-one's there."

Wiz: 8
Effect: Your song paralyses your enemies with fear. Enemies halve their HPT for one round.
Power-up? - Yes - double the duraton.

Song of Watching Over Me (Level 2)
"His spirits like the wind
The angel guarding me
Oh, I know, oh, I know
He's watching over me"

Wiz: 8
Effect: You play a song of protection, casting a calming blue light over your allies. Allies gain 2d6 CON (cannot exceed original CON)
Power-up- No

Melody of Enter Sandman (Level 3)
"Exit light,
Enter night,
Take my hand,
We're off to never never land"

Wiz: 15
Effect: Your song puts your enemies into a deep slumber. Enemies will sleep until attacked.
Power-up? - No

Tune of Power of the Dragonflame (Level 3)
"From the silent hill we scream loud your name
Mighty power of the Dragonflame,
from the mountains proud and strong,
We call our dragonlord"

Wiz: 15
Effect: You call forth the fire of the great dragonlords. Enemies take 4d6 damage.
Power-Up? - No

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