Tuesday 30 November 2010

Avast! Sea adventures, T&T style

Hoist the sails! Man the helm! Pieces of eight! Sometimes to mix a campaign up a little it's a good idea to have a change of scenery. Taking the players from the shores to the sea is a great way of doing this, whether it be a short trip to a small island or a month long voyage across the ocean to a distant continent.

There are a host of dangers for delvers to come across while at sea. Vicious storms can appear as if from nowhere, throwing the ship all over the bloody place; great sea monsters can surface to pull the delvers into the briny depths; magical vortexes can throw them into a completely different location. Pirates may try to board their vessel and loot them or just try and gun them down with cannons.

These aren't the only dangers at sea. Without vitamin C the delvers could develop scurvy if they're on a long voyage. They could even become mad or the crew could stage a mutiny. In any case, sea adventures certainly won't be dull.

So let's take a gander at what these dangers will look like in the game shall we?

Sea Monsters

So what nasty beasties lurk in the waters that await the players?

Kudas (MR 40-90): These barracuda men could climb aboard from their ocean home and terrorize the sailors with spears made of rock from the sea bed.

Sea Devils (MR 50): These red scaly creatures are able to fly out of the water and attack sailors. On a roll of three sixes a Sea Devil casts Smog.

Leviathan (MR 600): Few have lived to tell the tale of coming face to face with the Leviathan. Said to measure over 400 feet, this monster is able to detroy even the greatest of galleons with its massive jaws.

Hazards at Sea

The ocean is not without its natural dangers. Here are a couple:

Terrible storm: Huge waves sweep over ships as thunder roars overhead. Rain lashes the deck and chaos reigns supreme. An experienced sailor may recognise the signs of a coming storm with a L5SR on Intelligence. This may give them time to turn around and get back to land in time. However, when the storm arrives there is a 70% chance the sails will be destroyed and a 40% chance the ship will capsize.

Vortex: A portal a mile long (in a straight line) sits on the surface of the ocean, absorbing vessels that touch it, spewing them out in a random location on the map. A vortex can be recognised by a level 8 Wizard or a L6 SR on Int or Wiz.

So why not take your players out for an adventure out on the high seas? Who knows, they may even live to tell the tale.

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