Sunday 7 November 2010

Tunnels and Trolls 'Red Box'

I can hear the cries of blasphemy calling out from the depths of the internet already. I've mentioned before that I love both T&T and D&D and see the merits in both games. The advantage D&D has over T&T is that it's more widely known and has massive corporate output. T&T is much less well-known to outsiders of the hobby and has much less material released for it. I wish this weren't the case, but at least T&T fans are some of the most hardcore hobbyists out there and provide a lot of the material themselves, whether it be new solos, GM adventure or campaign settings. With the release of the fantastic 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons red box, Wizards are encouraging a new generation of gamers to pick up the game and play. It's an excellent starting point to get into the wider hobby, but Tunnels and Trolls doesn't really have anything like that. While it's a simple enough game, I think it would be great to put something out there to draw more people into the game at zero cost, providing them with everything they need to begin playing T&T in one place. So I scoured the internet to find free resources to download to make an overall introductory set. So, I give you the Tunnels and Trolls Starter Kit (5th edition):

Tunnels and Trolls: Starter Kit

Tunnels and Trolls Quick Start Rules
Character Sheets
Buffalo Castle Online Solitaire Adventure
Character/Monster Counters
Adventure in Fellbarrow GM Adventure
Online Character Generator


  1. Nice... But I prefer 7th ed.

  2. I saw the Fiery Dragon metal box reissue as a great "red box edition" of the game - box and everything!

  3. Thanks for posting a link to the online 5th edition T&T character generator on my site. It has seen a lot of use by 5.x T&T'ers.

    I had started a 7.x character generator, but my ideas for the generator met with resistance from those in charge, and so I left off working on it. Nothing stifles creativity like resistance to one's ideas. I had envisioned a great online tool for 7.x characters, not just generating them, but being able to save them online and update them as they were played. The T&T community could have had this for 5 years now, if there hadn't been such resistance against it back when 7th edition came out. I lost a lot of enthusiasm for 7th edition then.

  4. Pity -- It sounds like a good idea to me.

  5. The Adventure in Fellbarrow GM Adventure and Online Character Generator links no longer work.