Monday, 29 November 2010

Iconic Tunnels and Trolls Monsters

It's a crime to me and many others that Tunnels and Trolls isn't more widely recognised in the hobby. It's a game that sports some of the most unique and finest mechanics in any roleplaying game, not to mention being infinitely charming, humourous and true to its roots even after 7 editions.

Because there's not heaps of support for the game, unfortunately T&T isn't as fleshed out as RPGs like D&D. Because of this, it hasn't really got the iconic creatures of D&D like the Beholder, Mindflayer and Otayugh. So I've been thinking what the most iconic monsters could be in T&T, and here's what I came up with:

Trolls and their variations (Rock Troll, Hill Troll, Sea Troll etc)

Oh come on, it's in the name. Without it, the game would just be 'Tunnels'. In T&T trolls were the original race in the aptly names Trollworld. They aren't dumb creatures like in most other games, here trolls are intelligent creatures with their own societies. Trolls are awesome.


Sounds like a common mispronunciation of Demon, but the Demond is actually an insanely powerful lesser-demon. This guy packs a punch with an MR of 400 (41d6 + 200) and is able to basically use the force, choking and throwing his victims about like ragdolls until they're bloody heaps on the floor. Oh, and he can fly.

The Bone Horror

Take six 8 foot tall skeletons, stitch them together and you end up with a Bone Horror. The truly terrifying thing about this creature is that once awoken, it will hunt the players until it dismembers them.

Hellblade Serpent

10ft snake that can decapitate a delver with one swipe. 'Nuff said.

If you can think of anything else to add to the roster please speak up. Also, Ken, if you're reading, please add what you would consider the most iconic creatures in your creation.