Saturday 4 June 2011

5 celebrity Dungeons and Dragons players

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It may be hard to believe, but roleplaying isn't solely the domain of us ordinary nerds. Every once in a while one of our adored celebs pipes up about how they once played Dungeons and Dragons or even that they're still rolling crits to this day. There are quite a few lists of celebrity D&D fanatics floating around the interwebs, but most are filled with false information. So I did some research (i.e. called up all my celebrity friends) to determine who really is into fighting goblins around a table.

1. Vin Diesel 
I know quite a few people know about this, but it may be news to some that bulked up action star Vin Diesel is crazy about his D&D. Hell, he even has the name of his long-term campaign character (Melkor the Half-Drow Witch-Hunter) tattooed onto his person in the movie XxX. Vin is really open about his hobby and it often comes up in TV interviews. He also wrote the introduction in the book Thirty Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons and Dragons, cementing his place in D&D history.

2. Jason Mewes
Jason's best well-known for his role as Jay in films such as Clerks, Dogma, Chasing Amy and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. He's an avid D&D player and has talked about it with his buddy Kevin Smith a few times, to the point where Smith had the idea of getting a group of them together on stage and playing a game in front of an audience as well as recording it for a podcast. Unfortunately he hasn't mentioned it since so Kev, if you're reading this, get to work. This did happen! It's called Crimson Mystical Mages, so go download it.

3. Wil Wheaton 
It's no surprise that geek demi-god Wesley Crusher is a fan of rolling some funny-shaped polyhedrons. The actor played a recent public game as PAX 2010 that's available online and it's well worth a watch if you've got some spare time.

4. Stephen Colbert

Satirical funny-man Stephen Colbert is no stranger to slaying dragons as he has recounted on more than one occasion. He even sometimes drops D&D references into his show and once discussed his love for the hobby and the 11th-level Paladin he played.

5. Felicia Day
If Wil's the geek demi-god, then Felicia is surely the demi-goddess. Having starred in The Guild, Buffy  and Dollhouse as well as being a regular WoW player, you'd have thought she would have enough nerd cred, but add to that the fact that she plays in a D&D campaign every weekend makes her quite possibly one of the coolest (not to mention hottest) celebs on the planet. However, Grognards, note that she's a 4e fan but she's clearly been playing for a long time.


  1. On the Jason Mewes Front, they did record that podcast. It's called Crimson Mystical Mages and it was really, really funny. They will be doing another episode sometime in the not so distant future apparently.

  2. @Shinobicow How did I miss that? Thanks very much for telling me, that's awesome!

  3. We need Gamers 3 - and put all these guys in the movie. That could be amazing.