Saturday 4 June 2011

New creature: The Xingtian

This is a joint post with the awesome Gianni, creator of the historical Chinese BRP setting The Celestial Empire and owner of the Celestial Empire blog

The Xingtian is a malevolent creature in the annals of Chinese mythology, who once challenged the Yellow Emperor to a duel, only to be beheaded. Though this would have killed any other person, the Xingtian fled without a head, with a mouth appearing on his stomach. Pretty horrific stuff, I'm sure you'll agree, so when Gianni suggested we each wrote a version of the creature, me for Tunnels and Trolls and he for Basic Roleplaying, I thought it was a great idea.

So here it is:

The Xingtian
MR: 140 (15d6+70)
WIZ: 25
Spite Damage: 1/1
Spells: The Xingtian knows Poor Baby, Befuddle, Dis-Spell and Little Feets.
Special Ability: Whenever someone wins a combat with The Xingtian roll a L3-SR on DEX. If failed, the Xingtian swallows the attacker's weapon with its stomach mouth.
Weapons: Giant Axe - 5d6 (req. STR 30/ DEX 18)
Armour: Long Shield - absorbs 3 hits.

Now go and check out Gianni's BRP version of the Xingtian (way better than this one, I can tell you) and go check out The Celestial Empire at Cubicle 7.

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