Tuesday 28 June 2011


Look, it's not the cheese that's the problem, really; it's those bloody cows. Farmers have been tearing their hair out after they've found a few animals from their personal livestock are Rock Bovine - creatures who produce milk and cheese capable of literally petrifying the consumer.

Gorgon-zola they're calling it. Recently Khosht removed all dairy products from their markets after seven people were found as statues stuffing their faces with cheese. Detective Brolly, using his keen powers of deduction, knew something was up with the cheese and put out a city-wide ban on the food.

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Don't be thinking that this is the type of wussy petrification that wears off after a couple of days, oh no! This is the big league and let me tell you something, it's not fun coming home to find your family sat around the table looking like pigeon toilets.

Of course, some bright sparks have decided to make a profit out of Gorgon-zola. The Assassin's Guild is having a field day with the stuff and I've heard that delvers are buying it from shady back-alley dealers to feed to whatever monsters they come across on their journeys. I heard it goes for as much as 100 gold pieces, which is a tad steep if you ask me.

OK, fine, you rumbled me - I have some too. What? Don't judge me. What if some Hobb burglar breaks in to my house and demands fruit cake and cheese or he'll start pulling up the carpets and re-arranging the cutlery drawer? Want to see it? OK, but hands off!

Magical Cheese
Effect: Once consumed Gorgon-zola will instantly petrify anyone who doesn't make a L6-SR on CON. However, if the condition is treated within 24 hours the victim will likely still survive.
Cost: 100gp

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