Thursday 14 July 2011

Exploring Titan: The world of Fighting Fantasy (Part 2)

Over the Western Ocean we come to The Old World, where we port in the rich land of Femphray, a green and happy place full of beauty and majesty.

Following the Chalanna River we eventually arrive at the glorious Crystal City, a place built of crystals from the enigmatic Crystal Lake. It is known that the hot springs beneath the water heat up the crystals so much that sometimes the lake can boil.

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However, while Femphray is a rich and successful land, neighbouring Lendleland is completely the opposite. Pollua is the capital city where its superstitious populous fish in bare waters and leaving the city walls is a depressing affair as you look over miles of infertile plains.

The eastern hills of Lendleland is populated by unruly barbarians who often raid Analand, a neighbouring country. Because of this, the Great Wall of Analand was erected to prevent the barbarians from attacking. However, the country became bankrupt as a result of such a massive undertaking and its king was deposed, so there are still gaps where barbarians can enter through.

Analand is renowned for its hard working citizens and the strange plants that are cultivated to the south. Arkleton is the capital city of Analand, which lies on the bank of the Goldflow River that flows from Goldwater Lake, a place rich with metal ores including gold.

So far The Old World hasn't been so bad, but journeying to Kakhabad reveals a whole different side to the continent. This place is tainted by Chaos and where wild magic run riot. Thieves and outcasts gravitate here because of the widespread lawlessness that is inherent in the region. At the centre of Kakhabad is Khare, the Cityport of Traps.

Like Port Blacksand, Khare is a place of utmost villainy. At one time the upstanding citizens of the city decided enough was enough and they were to make a stand against the muggers and creeps that infested the place. They placed traps everywhere to protect themselves, but this plan ultimately backfired because people were so distrustful of each other that they refused to tell each other where the traps were. So now heading down a strange alley could end your life!

Going north you will pass High Xamen, home to a demonic Archmage and deadly creatures such as the Bird Men and Life-Stealers. Heading further you will arrive at the Northern Plains and Ruddlestone, a place infamous for its theocratic military regime - a result of constant war with neighbouring country Brice.

To the west is Gallantaria, which has shaken off its war-like past to become a relatively peaceful nation. However straying too far north toward the Witchtooth Line can be dangerous due to the abundance of strange creatures and weird sects that make their home there.

And that's The Old World in a nutshell. Join me next time when we'll be going overseas to our final destination: the Dark Continent of Khul.

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