Sunday 10 July 2011

Here are the Ennie 2011 nominees

It's that time of year again when the red carpet is rolled out and we celebrate the Ennies - the tabletop RPG industry awards. 

This year's nominees are in and pretty much all of them are well-deserved.

See the full line-up after the jump.

Best Adventure
Best Aid/Accessory
Best Art, Cover
Best Art, Interior
Best Blog
Best Cartography
Best Electronic Book
Best Free Product
Best Game
Best Miniatures Product
Best Monster/Adversary
Best New Game (published for the first time ever)
Best Podcast
Best Production Values
Best RPG Related Product
Best Rules
Best Setting
Best Supplement
Best Website
Best Writing
Product of the Year


  1. You say "pretty much" all of them are well-deserved. Which aren't, in your opinion?

  2. Hm, almost all of those nominations are meaningless to me... makes me notice how out of touch I am with the mainstream "RPG industry"! (A situation I am quite happy with :)

  3. @uwarr I don't know, I just think it may have been a bit of a cop-out to put the D&D Rules Compendium in there. Yeah, good layout but it's not wholly new ground.

  4. I just read about Gameplaywright Press in Kobold Quaarterly. I hope they win for their products.

  5. What does "Honourable Mention" mean?

  6. Generally speaking, Honorable Mention means you performed well in a competition but fallen just outside the prize category.

    What this means as far as the Ennie is concerned is that the Honorable Mentions listed are not eligible to receive votes for 1st-2nd-3rd (etc.) prize in their respective categories. I believe voting starts this week.

  7. I saw a tweet from the Ennies today saying that voting opens on Friday. I'll provide a link when the time comes.