Sunday 10 July 2011

New Creature: Mongolian Death Worm

This is a joint post with the awesome Gianni, creator of the historical Chinese BRP setting The Celestial Empire and owner of the Celestial Empire blog

I'm not one of these people who believes in Cryptids like the Yeti or Nessie, but I have no problem with shoving them into an RPG. 

The Mongolian Death Worm reportedly lives in the Gobi Desert and is apparently red with a mouth of razor sharp teeth and capable of spewing corrosive acid. They grow from 2 to 5 feet in length and can - get this - kill things by electrocuting them. 
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The worm hibernates for months at a time, resurfacing around June/July - especially in damp weather, and feeds on parasitic plants.

Essentially these blighters will sneak up on you from below and either squirt deadly acid or zap you with an electric shock. Don't go touching one too, even after death, as it is said that the acid on its body can kill.

Mongolian Death Worm
MR 80 (9d6+40)
Spite Abilities: 
2/ Acid Spit - Target makes a L3SR on DEX or takes 2d6 CON damage and 3 CON damage every round.

3/Electric Shock - Target makes a L3SR on CON or takes 2d6 CON damage and flails on the ground in spasm, missing their next round. 

Special Attributes:
Coated in Acid - If the Death Worm is attacked with a non-magical melee weapon, the attacker must make a L2SR on LK or lose the weapon to acidic corrosion. In addition, any effort to handle the creature with bare hands will result in 6d6 CON damage and a 1/6 chance of the hands burning off. 

Sneaky - The Death Worm is able to move stealthily through sand and so has a 4/6 chance of surprising its targets. 

Vulnerable to Water - If covered in water, the Death Worm takes 3 damage and cannot use its 'Coated in Acid' attribute for 1 round. 

Armour: Tough Skin (2)

Now go check out Gianni's BRP version of the Mongolian Death Worm. You won't be disappointed.