Monday 3 October 2011

T&T character type: Starwatcher {T&T}

The universe is a vast and confusing place. There are few in Trollworld who have managed to even start the intellectual voyage into the unknown depths of space, but those who have dared to do so have discovered the ancient secrets of the cosmos. 

Starwatchers are students of the universe who usually spend their whole lives researching the things that are beyond the sky. There are very few Starwatchers, mostly due to the fact that their studies are likely to send them mad when they come upon the power of the cosmos. Those who don't turn into lunatics learn how to wield the power of the stars as wizards use the powers of magic. However, the cosmic power is still created from kremm and therefore follows the same rules.

Prerequisites: 13+ WIZ, 14+ INT

Prime Attributes: WIZ/INT/CHA/LK

Recommended Talents: Star Navigation (INT), Cosmic Knowledge (INT), The Universe is With Me!* (LK)

*Starwatchers are pretty lucky as it seems that the universe is watching out for them.

Special Abilities:

Cosmic Scrying: Once a day the Starwatcher can look to the universe for guidance. The GM can give a clue to help her in some way.


  1. I like it... I like specialised character types. Now would you picture the Starwatcher more as a PC or an NPC?

  2. @賈尼 Glad you do. Oh I'd definitely love to see this as a PC, but whatever floats the GM's boat.

  3. Hmmm... Actually I think I am going to steal the Cosmic Scrying capability for the Shaman character class I am writing for my T&T campaign.

  4. @賈尼 Ooo, I'd love to see the Shaman you make.