Monday 27 May 2013

Holdfast: A Gamebook of Dwarven Vengeance

The neo gamebook resurgence continues with Holdfast, a new book that's being funded by Kickstarter (not unlike everything else ever these days). Currently it has three days left to go and has already beaten its goal by almost $4,000, which isn't surprising because Holdfast looks friggin' sweet.

Holdfast is going to be multi-platform, with versions in print and for mobile devices, PC and Mac. The mobile versions will be done by none other than Tin Man Games, who you may know as my favourite developer ever in the world. Seriously.

In the game you play as a dwarf whose brethren have been slain by your evil foes and it's up to you to take revenge against your aggressors and restore your fortress to its former glory. In this way, the game seems to be part RPG, part resource management/city-building, with the ability to improve your fortress with guards, walls, traps, inns and other things. This is an ambitious idea and I'm excited to see how Black Chicken Studios pull it off.

The combat system uses a d10 and the creators claim that using the right strategy can turn the tide of battle, putting a lot less reliance on the luck of the dice and more stock in your tactical knowledge. Furthermore, getting wounded actually counts for something, as wounds are a sign of courage and toughness and offer your character improvements in the game - so you'll have to weigh up whether you can afford to get battered in order to get some goodies.

Ultimately, Holdfast looks to be a creative and original gamebook that's pushing the bounds of what a traditional gamebook can be.

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