Saturday 11 May 2013

How does the Man of Steel theme stack up to Williams' original?

There's no doubt that John Williams' theme score for Superman: The Movie is among the most recognisable and, frankly, best in film score history. But how will studio darling Hans Zimmer follow such a class act?

Well, you can listen for yourself over on Soundcloud.

 It doesn't seem like Zimmer is trying to outright emulate Williams' theme, but there are certainly some nods in this track. It's still very typical Zimmer, with his trademark flurry of strings and pounding drums that could have been lifted from any of his previous Nolan Batman scores (however, for me The Dark Knight Rises score was a bit of a mess).

That said, I quite like it. It has a bombast to it that isn't overdone and the piece flows well, beginning with an understated and slow piano melody and then soaring high, not unlike Big Blue himself. It was never going to reach the lofty heights of Williams, but even though I'm not really a fan of Zimmer's, I do think this is an effective piece for a Superman flick.

Man of Steel is release worldwide on July 14th.

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