Sunday 16 June 2013

Open discussion: PS4 vs Xbox One - which will you be getting?

After this week's events at E3, gamers everywhere are talking about whether Microsoft royally buggered up (very likely) and if Sony delivered them a body slam for the ages (very probably). But after all the smoke clears and the dust settles, which console will you be splashing out your hard-earned moolah on? Maybe you won't even both with either, of perhaps you'll get the both. Let me know in the comments. 


  1. I am getting the XBO because it is far more advanced. Also I always liked M$.

  2. I just placed my pre-order for an Ouya.

    Yes, of course not up to spec on the Xbox One or the PS4, by no means, but its not all about graphics in my opinion.

  3. Preordering a PS4. I'll wait a few months at least to see how the Xbone's general reception and reviews are...if after a while it looks as draconian and problematic as people think it will, then I'll avoid it. If it looks like a lot of fuss about nothing then I'll time my purchase for Halo 5.

    I want to get an Ouya but its lineup of games is...less than stellar, it offers less than I already can get on my Nexus 7. If that changes I'll pick one up.

  4. Neither, but if i had to, i would do PS4. M$ got too cocky and thought they could get away with a lot more than they should have. This will be the first playstation i buy since the first playstation way back in the day. I'm sortof looking forward to it.