Friday 14 June 2013

Open discussion: what's the best comic you have ever read?

God, comics are awesome, aren't they? But some are more awesome than others, whether those are classics like Watchmen and The Killing Joke, or modern epics like Superman: Red Son and We3, there's a tonne of great books to choose from. But what is the best comic you've ever read? It could be a single issue, a whole story arc or a graphic novel. Let me know in the comments.


  1. This is too tough a question. Next question, please.

    More seriously, it all depends. Spider-Man isn't particularly genius compared with, for instance, the Watchmen from your picture above, but the lovable characters it has created, the continuity, etc. make it dearer in my view than Alan Moore's masterpiece. It's really tough. If I were to take a comic book to a desert island it would probably be Bone. I found it to have a very high re-readability value.

    1. Back to your original question though.... "What's the best comic you have ever read?". That would be the Usagi Yojimbo story arc with Jotaro.

  2. The answer changes depending on how old I am.
    Back in childhood it was the Daredevil 180 series by Frank Miller.
    Adolescence had me into Moebius, namely The Incal and Airtight Garage.
    Then to Japan and Akira.
    Then the Roy Thomas/P Craig Russel Elric comics.
    Followed by Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen.

    Certainly, eclectic tastes

  3. The Hitman issue with Superman as a guest star. By far and away the greatest Superman comic book I've ever read.

  4. @shortymonster: Agree that the Hitman story was the best Superman story ever, but I would also recommend Action Comics #775 where Superman battles the Elite (a thin veiled Authority homage) and shows how he is still relevant in a world of brutal anti-heroes.

    But my current favorite comic reading is the Kid Loki run by Kieron Gillen in Journey Into Mystery. I thought it was brilliant!

  5. Barefoot Gen, Maus, Naussica of the Valley of the wind, howard the duck, early swampthing. I can't name just one.

  6. I really enjoyed the "Venom" storyline from Legends of the Dark Knight (Batman) a few years back.

  7. Not sure I can narrow it down to one! There's a ton of stuff I love from 2000AD. Zenith, Slaine, ABC Warriors, Rogue Trooper, Ace Garp Trucking Co, and from 2000AD stalwart and godfather of Brit comics Pat Mills there's also Marshal Law, and Charley's War. I like Watchmen, but didn't read it until 2000 so it didn't have the impact on me it had on others. Dark Knight returns I did read when it was current and that had a big impact. I read a friends X-Men collection in the 90's and really loved the Secret Wars crossover.

    If forced to pick one it would be a single issue of Alan Moore's Halo Jones from 2000AD called Nobody Died Today. A very clever one off story and typical of Alan Moore's brilliance.

  8. David Mack's Kabuki: Circle of Blood transformed the way I thought about storytelling in comics. I think I'll go re-re-re-re-...-read it.