Friday 3 January 2014

10 fountain effects for Swords and Wizardry

Hey, it's my first post of 2014, so happy new year folks. I've generally been laying around and watching Netflix recently, which is exactly why I haven't posted in a few days. Good excuse right? Well, I've been writing USR Cyberpunk too so it's not all been a waste.

One thing I loved about using Fourthcore were the fountain effects (although I know they're a dungeon crawl staple, I just liked the Fourthcore ones in particular). One of my players ended up drinking succubus pheromones and fell pregnant with a demon. He wasn't pleased, especially when it started clawing its way out of his stomach.

Sooo, here's a table of cool shit you can find in fountains in your Swords & Wizardry/OSR game. You can add saves in if you like, but it's up to you. I like the auto-effects myself.

1. Glue water - sets your teeth together instantly, preventing speech. Wears off in 2d6 hours.

2. Transmogrify potion - transforms you into one of the following creatures (1d6): 1 - chicken, 2 - frog,     3 - pony, 4 - pigeon, 5 - pig, 6 - cat. Wears off in 1d6 hours.

3. Unholy water - you become shrouded in darkness and are treated as an undead creature for 1d6 weeks.

4. Unicorn tears - heals you 3d6 HP. You have lucid dreams for 1d6 nights where you believe you are a unicorn.

5. Rage potion - you attack the person closest to you with a +1d6 damage if you hit. Wears off once the attack has finished.

6. Fiora tree sap - for 1 hour your vision becomes thermal and you re able to see heat signatures of living things through walls and obscuring materials less than 3ft in thickness.

7. Frost giant blood - your skin becomes blue and cold. You are able to freeze water with a touch of the finger. This effect lasts for 1 hour.

8. Stretch potion - your arm reach extends 10ft. This effect lasts for 1d6 hours.

9. Rockdew - Your skin becomes hard and shell-like. Your AC increases by 2 for 1d6 hours.

10. Blessed waters - your vice becomes loud and booming, even when you try to whisper.

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