Wednesday 22 January 2014

Ghaled the World Dragon for your Tunnels & Trolls campaign

In the beginning there was Trollworld, a molten rock on which nothing thrived. Nothing, that is, save Ghaled the World Dragon. Ghaled was born curled inside the womb of the world, taking its nutrients from the magma flowing through the rock strata and erupting from the mouths of black, gargantuan volcanoes on the surface.
For a millennia Ghaled slept, growing ever stronger as the centuries passed by. Up on the surface the first wisps of mortality blinked to life in the form of trolls. While troll societies began to flourish, Ghaled was none the wiser, sleeping, dreaming in a molten haze. 

However, the peace would not last for long. After the wizard gods descended on Trollworld the creatures of the surface began to find a new home deep in the rock where Ghaled called home. A small goblin sect called the Basheree tribe held the belief that their god, Bilu-kash, lie at the centre of the world and would offer them the gift of immortality should they gaze into his eyes. The goblins burrowed for years until they came to the red chasm where Ghaled slept. They roused him from his eternal slumber, which drove him into a ferocious rage, slaying the tribe in moments. Ghaled then began scratching out, attempting to hatch out of the world into the open air.

Will he succeed?

Ghaled, The World Dragon
MR 600
Dice 61+300
Special Rules: Magic Flame Breath: Ghaled breathes a magical flame which cannot harm those clad in magical full plate armour. However, the flame is so powerful that it will instantly kill anyone it damages, even if the damage would not reduce the target's CON to 0. 

Flight: Ghaled can fly 200ft in the air and 200ft in any direction on his turn.

Armour: 100 hits (natural armour)

Treasure: World Dragon Tooth (2,000,000 gold pieces), Ghaled Scales (60 Hit armour), Magical Fire Sac (200 CON damage, one use). 

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