Wednesday, 29 January 2014

3 bizarre new creatures for your Numenera game

Numenera is bursting with some of the freakiest creatures I've ever had the pleasure of piling on my players. Seriously, Monte Cook is one seriously warped puppy. But one of the major draws of the system is that creating new creatures is really bloody easy, so much so that it almost equals Tunnels & Trolls in being able to wing monsters on the fly.

So here are five new creatures ready to slot into your campaign, ranging from low to high levels.

Endoglow 3 (9)

This tiny flying creature is about the size of a pebble and emits a soft, pulsating blue light while it's active. It has a metallic proboscis that it uses to feed through the flesh of larger animals, draining it of blood.

Health: 7
Damage Inflicted: 2 points
Motive: Hungers for blood
Armour: 0
Movement: Long
Modifications: Speed defense is level 4 due to size. Stealth as level 5.
Combat: The Endoglow lands on the victim's skin in order to feed and is subsequently difficult to detach. If the attack is successful the PC must make a Might roll each round to detach the Endoglow. After each failed attempt, they take 2 damage.
Interaction: If an Endoglow has not fed in 28 hours it becomes ferocious and will attempt to feed from any creature it comes across. If they are already fed then they will likely pay creatures no heed.

Ice Worc 4 (12)

Thriving in the coldest regions of the Ninth World, ice worcs are deer-like creatures with serrated skin and razor sharp antlers. Their hooves are made of a dense metal, proving an excellent way to knock predators unconscious. The ice worc also has a long nose horn used for goring.

Health: 14
Damage Inflicted: 3 points
Motive: Protects their warrens
Armour: 2
Movement: Medium
Combat: The Ice Worc will charge its enemies with its horn and razor antlers, attempting to gore them. However, once its gored its foe the horn emits a freezing cold liquid into its victim's blood supply causing it to freeze from the inside out. Anyone damaged by the ice worc must make a Might roll or take a further 3 damage. In addition, during their next combat round they will perform with a step to their detriment. This power depletes after 3 successful attacks.
Interaction: Ice Worcs live in warrens within cold caverns, usually with 8 to a family. They are protective, particularly of the children and will lash out at anyone venturing into the warren.
Loot: 2 cyphers

Vishneri 6 (18)

The Vishneri are tall, green-skinned humanoids with superior intellects and a tribal social structure. They often carry strange, alien weapons and worship beings of which mortals are unable to even pronounce the names of. They are well-trained in combat and have a fearsome temper if provoked. Their heads have bulging red eyes and spines that jut out from the forehead.

Health: 30
Damage Inflicted: 6 points
Motive: Destroy inferior beings
Armour: 4
Movement: Medium
Modifications: Intellect defense is level 7.
Combat: The Vishneri use silver gauntlets that emit strong beams of light from the palms. Anyone hit by this must make a Might roll or take a further 3 points of damage and a -2 to their next rolls.
The Vishneri are also capable of psychically harming their opponents by overloading their brains with nightmare images. The target must make an Intellect defence roll. If they fail, their mind is crippled by images and they may not act for the rest of combat until the pass another Intellect defence roll on their turn.
Interaction: The Vishneri will strike down non-believers and those who they deem to have inferior intellects. If PCs can show them that they also have superior intellects then they are more likely to talk than fight.
Loot: 1d6 cyphers, 2 artefacts, 2 oddities, 4d6 shards