Monday 6 January 2014

What are you playing in 2014?

Well that's it, today I went back to work, leaving the holidays behind. I'm one of those gits who gets a two week holiday and then comes back to a job I love. Pretty dandy.

Anyway, I had an awesome weekend filled with boardgames. My friend bought me Dixit for Christmas so we played a couple of games of that as well as Coup, Catan, Star Fluxx, Mascerade and Risk Legacy. I HIGHLY recommend Coup, by the way, especially if you like Resistance.

So I came out of that day thinking that I want to play more games this year. More RPGs, more boardgames, more card games. Generally more tabletop. I'm already going to be breaking up our weekly Numenera game with USR Cyberpunk (mostly for playtesting purposes) every so often but I want to really broaden my horizons as far as games go.

Which leads me to ask what you want to play this year? Are there any new releases you're looking forward to playing? Is there a classic like Carcassonne that you've always been dying to get your teeth into?

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