Friday 14 February 2014

Announcing Shadows of Persephone, an Eldritch Sword & Planet Roleplaying Game

Shadows of Persephone is an upcoming tabletop roleplaying game from Trollish Delver Games that asks the question 'what if H.P. Lovecraft wrote A Princess of Mars?'. Dubbed an eldritch sword and planet game, Shadows of Persephone takes place on the planet Persephone, just a few years before a prophecy is said to come true that a second age of darkness will fall on the planet. Once, during the Second Cycle, the world erupted into bloodshed and chaos as five elder gods fought over Persephone with their gibbering alien hordes. Then came Sara, a human, who banished them to the centre of the planet at the cost of her own life.

Now the Seventh Cycle is upon Persephone. A cult of Arcadians known as the Darkened have been seen around the world enacting horrific rituals. Weird shapes have been seen in the dead of the night.

The darkness is coming...

Shadows of Persephone will use an entirely new flexible system and a unique sanity mechanic that doesn't just focus on the characters' mental transformation, but their physical one too. It will be a game that mixes high adventure with deep cosmic horror.

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