Tuesday 18 February 2014

First Guests for Thought Bubble Comic Con 2014 Announced

It's only February, but I'm already getting crazy excited for this year's Thought Bubble Comic Con in November. A handful of guests have now been revealed, along with a snazzy new logo.

So who can we look forward to seeing? Well, the awesome (seriously awesome!) Natasha Allegri will be there, the surreal mind behind the sweet-as-sugar Bee and Puppycat, which will launch as a BOOM! Comics comic in May. Emily Carroll will also be there, who you may know from anthologies like The Witching Hour and Creepy.

Black Church, Swamp Thing and Kill Shakespeare artist Andy Belanger will be in attendance, along with incredible cover artist Adam Hughes, Girls with Slingshots cartoonist Danielle Corsetto, and Sweet Tooth scribe/artist Jeff Lemire.

If that's not enough, Matteo Scalera, Allison Sohn and Jillian Tamaki will be gracing the con for your enjoyment.

Oh, also, some guys called Scott Snyder and Becky Cloonan may be mincing around the con floor. Not sure who they are, but probably unimportant.

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