Sunday 2 February 2014

Micro Adventure: Party of the Living Dead (HFRP)

I've had some trouble getting Party of the Living Dead, the first adventure for Halberd Fantasy Roleplaying, fixed on DriveThruRPG, so in the meantime you can read it here. This is the first in a series of micro adventures based in Highbridge, the capital of Tequendria - the campaign setting for Halberd Fantasy.

King Ungol of the northern territory of Iceward is paying a diplomatic visit to Tequendria. In honour of the visit, the city it throwing a banquet in the famous Four Dragons Beer Hall. But a resident necromancer, Dinka Blacksorrow, has plans to awaken the dead to cause chaos during the celebrations, and while everyone is distracted she will sneak into the palace vaults to steal the Tome of Pure Evil.

Encounter I: The Party of the Living Dead
The PCs, like many notable people in the city of Highbridge, will receive an invitation to the celebration at the beer hall taking place the that night at sundown. When they arrive they will find a packed hall, free beer and lots of food.

Sometime into the night the guards alert everyone in the hall that a horde of zombies is attacking. There are 10 zombies shambling towards the hall. They will try their best to enter and feed on the brains of party-goers. It's likely the PCs will try to stop them.
If the PCs kill 5 zombies, the remaining ones are taken care of by the guards. They will hear that a large shadow shape has been seen in the courtyard, but the guards need to stay back and protect the king and queen.

Encounter II: The Undead Wyrm
Screams come from the courtyard as a rotting wyrm (small dragon) snaps at people. The Undead Wyrm is being controlled by a Shadow Acolyte called Jeremy, who is hiding in the shadows (medium Wits attribute test to spot his sceptre in the darkness.) The Wyrm will likely prove a match for the PCs, but if they get the sceptre from Jeremy it will fly away.

Jeremy will give up information about Dinka's plan through intimidation (medium Ego attribute test). He will explain that she is currently making her way to the vaults.

Encounter III: Skeleton Guards
The vaults are accessable through a staircase in a small building outside the main palace. The building is now guarded by 4 skeleton warriors. They can regenerate once they reach 0 Hits, assembling their bones and fighting on full Hits. The only way to stop this is to kill them with blunt weapons (medium Wits attribute test to figure out).

Encounter IV: The Necromancer 
Once in the vault the PCs will encounter Dinka, who has managed to get her hands on the Tome of Pure Evil. She proceeds to read from it, summoning a Black Reaper, which fights the PCs. The creature only receives half damage from normal weapons but magical damage is doubled. Once they have defeated it, Dinka will surrender, knowing that she will die if she continues to fight.

Once the tome is returned to the vault and the majority of undead taken care of, the PCs get 100gdr from King Ungol for keeping them safe.


Zombie: Action d8, Wits d6, Ego d6, Hits 3, Treasure: 10 gdr
Undead Wyrm: Action d8, Wits d8, Ego d6, Hits 20, Attack: Bite +2, Armour: -1 (scales), Treasure: 40gdr, Health Elixir (heals 5 Hits).
Jeremy, Shadow Acolyte: Action d6, Wits d10, Ego d8, Hits 6, Attack: Bash +1, Treasure: 12 gdr
Skeleton Warrior: Action d8, Wits d8, Ego d6, Hits 6, Attack: Scimitar +2, Armour -1 (shield), Treasure: 20gdr, Target Shield (-1), Scimitar +2.
Black Reaper: Action d8, Wits d8, Ego d6, Hits 12, Attack: Scythe +2, Treasure: Golden Scythe +2, 20gdr
Dinka Blacksorrow: Action d6, Wits d10, Ego d10, Hits 10, Attack: Staff +1, Treasure: 10gdr, Ruby (30gdr)

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