Sunday 2 February 2014

USR Cyberpunk is out now!

2099. The rain won’t stop. It seems like night time is all there is in the city, this sprawling chrome nightmare. A cascade of neon recedes into the distance and on the streets below trench-coats waft over streaming grates, a junkie takes an octagon pill and a young woman with a switch-blade arm is denied access to the NuYok Club.

Cyberpunk isn’t just a genre, it’s an attitude. It’s all about high tech and low life, how technological wonders have become mundane and the government has handed all power to multinational corporations. Cybernetic implants are everywhere, from a thermal chip in the iris to muscle enhancers sewn into tissue. There are no heroes here, only people who want to survive. Hackers take down security systems and steal thousands of CorpDollars in an instant, street samurai are hired by firms as bodyguards; mechanics fix up spy drones and assassins prowl the darkness waiting for the kill. Players take on the roles of inhabitants in this dark world. They could be deadly Cyber Ninjas, crafty Hackers, militant Gunners, drug-making Chemists and more. They will do whatever it takes to get money and survive in this amoral world, whether its theft, security or assassination.

USR Cyberpunk is a guide for how to run your USR game in a cyberpunk world. You will still need a copy of the free-to-download USR rules to play. Players can play any sort of character they want, kit themselves out with implants and, above all else, survive.

USR Cyberpunk includes rules for:

  • Creating your own cyberpunk character, complete with implants, weapons and gear
  • Hacking into the OverNet 
  • A flexible and easy software creation system
  • Making and executing viruses
  • Creating mind and body altering drugs

If you're looking for a rules-lite option for a cyberpunk game, then USR Cyberpunk is for you. Download the rules now.

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