Monday 25 May 2015

Cat o' Nine Tails for White Star and Somnium Void

Taking a leaf out of +Erik Tenkar's book, I've been looking through some incredible pulp covers to try and unearth some game inspiration. I totally love this massive cat with antennae (all aliens have to have antennae, obviously), juuust about to crush their ship. So here she is, for White Star and Somnium Void (USR)

The Cat o' Nine Tails is native to the planet Zentoria, a largely forested planet where creatures grow to giant size due to the low gravity. This alien is a whopping 24ft tall and 120ft in length - sporting fur, sharp ivory teeth and massive black crushing claws. The Cat o' Nine Tails likes to toy with its prey, batting it around with those massive paws until its victim stops struggling. The coat of this alien can fetch a high price in the textiles market due to how difficult it is to separate from the massive beast.

The creature has an incredible sense of smell, allowing it to notice the scent of something from up to twenty miles away. The females are the hunters, leaving their forest den to stalk their prey, while the males take care of the young.

White Star

Cat o' Nine Tails
Armour Class: 2 (17)
Hit Dice: 12
Total Hit Bonus: +12
Attacks: Giant Paws (2d6) or Bite (1d6)
Saving Throw: 8
Special: None
Movement: 12
HDE/XP: 12/ 1,600

Somnium Void (USR)

Cat o' Nine Tails
Action: d10
Wits: d10
Ego: d6
Hits: 30
Attacks: Giant Paws +3 or Bite +2
Specialisms: Giant Strength +4 (Action), Super Smell +3 (Wits)

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